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The Story of Trekker Saddles

Since day one, Trekker has worked hard to improve your  experience and that of your horse. This is why the saddles are made with the greatest care, following the recommendations of equine specialists.  

Trekker has been producing a range of treeless and flexible saddles in Europe since the turn of the 21st century.

Each saddle is custom made and handcrafted by experienced master saddlers from Germany, using premium materials, ensuring the highest quality and maintaining standards.

Trekker saddles have a special padding sub-construction, which maximizes spinal clearance and minimizes the need for the use of specialized shock absorbers and saddle pads. These pads are filled with a special viscoelastic foam material, and they adapt perfectly to the morphology of the horse.  

Although these saddles can be classified as treeless because they do not have a hard tree, they are very stable and comfortable. You feel yourself sitting in the saddle, not on it.

Check out our article gallery and experience Trekker Saddles. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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About me

" I am Polly-Anne, a British resident  in France since  27 years old, in Tarn et Garonne.

A few years ago I was looking for a new saddle for my horses. I had always loved  western and Australian saddles, but they are quite heavy and did not fit all my horses, from  different morphologies (Pony Landais, Fjord, Criollo, QH, Mérens).

I am  came across the Trekker saddles website and I was immediately drawn  by the possibility of adjusting the saddle according to each horse. I was seduced by the appearance  of the True Talent model model which is quasi-western, the  hollow seat and build quality.

I thought about it and bought one. A little later, being delighted with this saddle, I became a representative for Trekker saddles  in France. Subsequently, I participated in the design and development of the Aussie model.

There are several models available depending on the shape of the horse, the type of riding practiced and the preference of the rider. The  True Talent and the Aussie are quarterless and more western/hike/trail/ride.

The Ultimate Luxury and Pro Arte models have quarters and cleats.

Before selling a saddle I always ask for some information on the  horse, rider and activity. I ask for good photos of the horse to see its  morphology, especially the back. With that, I can give you the best advice.

A stool test is possible at home within  departments  82/46/47/24/31/32, or you can come and try at my home.  

I also do  remote fittings via WhatsApp live call. "

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