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Our saddles

All Trekker models have similar features

Adjustable pommel 19-41cms, simply by turning  the horizontal bar.
Seat  easily adjustable,  between 16"–17.5" 
Two positions of the stirrups doors possible
Two padding lengths: short  or long

NGC 3718 -3729-0423.jpg
NGC 3718 -3729-0362.jpg

True Talent

Short, light and compact.
The True Talent is the basic model of Trekker saddles.
Suitable for  big how to small horses and ponies.
Western/Rando Style
Delivered naked.
Fenders available – Under padding  memory foam  of shape


NGC 3718 -3729-0373.jpg


Australian/Western type.
  reassuring  with his floppy ears.

Choice of fenders or stirrup leathers
  tan or two-tone

Suede seat also available to order.

1,275  €


Pro Arte

Deluxe cleats 
Comfortable, flat, narrow seat
Elegant design

Short quarters 
Short, light and compact


NGC 3718 -3729-0367.jpg

Pony True Talent

The same characteristics as the True Talent saddle, in reduced size. Suitable for very small horses or ponies.

880 €

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