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Stories of Trekker riders

Some reviews from our Trekker riders

"  Perfect!  I was looking for a saddle for my shetland, because her bardette protruded enormously on her shoulders.  So I have decided  to change saddles.
I have  contacted  Polly-Anne to find out which saddle would best suit my pony. She  advised me  the Trekker saddles, I have some  bought one  shortly after  and she agrees  great for my shetland! The saddle does not advance and my shetland is a lot  more freedom of movement and much  more comfortable.  »


"  Order received on time, Polly-Anne is really very good advice.
I highly recommend and my True Talent is magnificent 😊  »


"  After purchasing a used Trekker Classic saddle; perfect for adapting to the growth of my young Irish Cob; I got some great advice here!
Do not hesitate to contact the page if you have any questions.
Thank you again for your professionalism 😊  »


“After 5 years of trying, buying, reselling my saddles because they  all hurt my horse I turned to the Trekker and frankly I am more than delighted with this saddle which adapts perfectly to my horse....finally....and which is really super comfortable 
I am more than happy with this purchase. 
Thank you very much Polly Anne for allowing me to try it and for your advice, I really don't regret it.  »


"  My Aussie Trekker, on my naughty Lusitano. When he's scared, Diego turns around faster than his shadow, this saddle has saved me a lot of falls. 👍🏽  »


“Thank you for this test. I can't wait to receive mine! I, who despaired of finding a suitable saddle, had never found my pony so comfortable.   »


You have questions or want to give your own opinion  ?
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